Village Pump Specialties

Our Treats

We’re sure you’ll find something delicious for your pet among our selections. Click on any image or treat name for more details about ingredients and nutrition.

About our packaging    Smaller treats are available in two sizes:  small packs contain 20-25 treats; large packs contain 40-50 treats. Larger treats come in one-size packs of 12-15 treats each. Unusual shapes such as Chicken Sticks come in packs of 10.


Our original treat. A low-calorie taste of deliciousness that you can give your pets without worrying about them packing on the pounds.

Small Pack   $3.75   Large Pack   $6.50


This one might be Maggi and Marlo’s favorite.  It’s always a hit, whether added to their meals or offered as a treat.

One Size  $4.50


So yummy I’m tempted to eat them all myself. But one glance at those eager furry faces …

One Size  $4.75


Tasty and healthy. All the nutrition of chick peas, spinach, and butternut squash in a small treat suitable for any breed.

Small Pack   $3.75   Large Pack   $6.50


If your pets love peanut butter, they’ll love this mini-Swiss roll. Absolutely no Xylitol in our organic peanut butter.

One Size  $4.25


Our tasters love the chunks of butternut squash in these brownies.

One Size  $5.00


The newest addition to our lineup. Naturally sweet, low in calories, and almost no fat. The perfect pet dessert.

Small Pack   $3.75   Large Pack   $6.50


Offer them whole or break them up into individual bites.  I love to watch Marlo take a whole one and trot off with it to enjoy in privacy.

One Size  $3.75


Vegetarian pet parents who include their pets in their dietary regimen can confidently offer many of our treats. View the ingredients details by clicking on the image.